Red and White whimsical Ribbon tree topper, Peppermint candy topper

  • $89.99

Red and White peppermint candy Ribbon Tree Topper made from 5 different ribbons, a 2.5" Red and White with glittered swirls, White glitter with red and white edges, white with glittered candy and candy canes, and 1.5" Red glittered mesh, and red with white dots and glitter. In the center are Red and white sequin curls, white pom poms and Red and White peppermint candies.

* 360 degree topper
* 32 Loops
* 10 Streamers
* 5 Ribbons
* 13" Wide & 33" Long from the top to the bottom of the curled streamers

FG - CH CTT22-28

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