Turkey Centerpiece, Organza and Tulle turkey

  • $46.50

There is still time to get this cute little turkey before Thanksgiving! He is the cutest Turkey and looks great on that Thanksgiving Table. He body and wings are made out of brown satin covered in brown shimmer organza, and wings are accented with different shades of organza feathers. His tail is made primarily out of brown and gold Tulle but has layers of the organza feathers as well. His little gobbler is made from read beads and his feet are Vintage silver forks. He is stuffed and also has a rice weight in the bottom so he will sit up straight on your Holiday table. His body is approx. 9" long and from his feet to the top of his tail he is approx. 10" tall. Measurements will very because each on is hand made and stuffed. Pair him up with the cloth pumpkins in my shop and your centerpiece is done. He is all done up and ready to ship.

Each Turkey is one of a kind, there are never two exactly the same. Colors of the feathers will be in shades of gold, greens, browns, burgundy or dark reds. The body will always be done in brown but the tulle and feather colors will vary.

FG - TKY13-1/6


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