Witch - OOAK Polymer Clay Witch - 9 inches tall, hand sculpted doll - Halloween witch

  • $75.00

This is Samantha she is 9 1/2" tall and carries a Happy Halloween flag which is almost as tall as she is. Her head, hands and legs from the knee down are made from Clay and have been Hand sculpted by me without any molds so she is truly one of a kind her body is cloth and all the clothing was also made by me. She has gray hair styled with a bun and a black silk witches hat. She has Brown glass eyes with real eyelashes she also has buck teeth and a wart on her chin. She is wearing a traditional black witch's dress trimmed with orange and a black cape. She is carrying a small pumpkin head and a Happy Halloween flag with a skull top all made from clay. She is mounted to a wood stand so she will set securely on any shelf. She was so much fun to make I hope you enjoy her.

She is signed and dated on the back of her neck and comes with a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY.