Light Blue Farmhouse Truck, Blue diecast truck

  • $33.00

The Light Blue Diecast truck is a 1950 GMC pickup measures approx. 4.75" long . The back is filled with your choice of fruits/veggies, pumpkins, a pot of flowers, milk, or a Christmas tree. This little truck will look great with all your Farmhouse decorations and fits great on a tiered tray.

The truck can be personalized with a monogram on the door or it can be left plain. If you want it personalized please send me an e-mail with your personalization. You have the option to either personalize the truck or plain with no writing.

This listing is for one light blue truck complete with your choice of miniature in the back and does not include any items in secondary photos.

FG - DC 1:43 1950 GMC22-2

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